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Date entered on Register : February 15, 2019

Name - Peter Morthen
Email -
Car club - R&S Valiant Club NSW
Car type - R Series Valiant
Owned Since - 2019
State - NSW
City - Raby
Body number - RV1 - 2 - 101
Pillar number - 11 8109625
Engine number - RP1 - 1291
Original paint -AL 7140 Leaf Green
Current colour - AL 7140 Leaf Green
Condition - Under Restoration
Additional comments - Needed a lot of work when I got it, as shown in the pictures.
I got it off another Club member after it sat for a great many years in pieces.
After owning a couple of American Chargers, I never thought I'd have another old Val. In fact, I was done with cars as I've been into bikes the last few years, but it's was great just having something to work on and start from the ground up. Mind you, I didn't really want what I initially called "a basket case", but after 3 solid years of builing it, it's a really nice original "R" now.

Would love to hear from other "R" owners.

The following photos courtesy of Tony, at the Liverpool Regional Museum - Thanks very much.