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Date: Friday, March 04, 2005 3:40 PM

name = Daniel Panic
email =
car type = R Series Valiant
owned since = 2004
state = S.A
city = Loxton
body number = RV1 - 4 - 307
engine number = RD21309
original paint = AL 7158 - Bronze Beige
current colour = Same
condition = Awaiting future restoration

additional comments = I purchased this vehicle at the end of 2004. It is a 1 owner and was last registered in 1978.
The trim is perfect, but the exterior needs restoration. It is an automatic, with blue trim.
At this stage there is no timeframe for restoration as I am currently restoring my S Series, which is a 2 owner vehicle and was used up until February 2004, so I am more confident about the S Series restoration.