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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 10:55 PM

name = Dave and Jean Barnes
car club = Qld R & S Club
car type = R Series Valiant
owned since = 1994
state = QLD.
city = Beaudesert
body number = RV1 - 2 - 315
original paint = AL 7130 - New Beige
current colour = New Beige
condition = Restored - Authentic

additional comments = Dave and Jean have owned this car since 1994 and it is under gone a full ground up restoration since. The car was purchased by Dave in a complete but poor condition at Landsborough, Qld.

Dave located a genuine R Series engine block just outside of Dubbo NSW, rebuilt the motor and put it in this car. The car has been restored to original condition and runs great.

Dave and Jean also own an S series (bought by Dave in 1970) and about 6 or 7 S series' as spare parts cars (details to come soon). Dave is currently the president of the Qld R & S Series Valiant Club. (Submitted on behalf of Dave and Jean by Nev STRETTON)

This owner also owns :

SV1 - 4 - 4334
RV1 - 2 - 253