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Date entered on Register : Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 10:59 AM

Name = Barry Haysom
Email =
Website =
Car club =Monaro Club of Victoria
Car type = R Series Valiant
Owned since = 2011
State = VIC
City = South Gippsland
Body number = RV1 - 2H - 416
Pillar number = 11 18111289
Engine number = RP1 1402
Original_paint = AL 7132 - Alpine White
Current colour = Alpine White
Condition = Original - Unrestored
Additional comments = After years of speaking about acquiring an "R" Series and having owned some 40+ Holdens ( retaining 6 ) I finally purchased an original un-modified car, with exactly the specs I long desired.

Car has had a blow over with the original colour White paint and some work done to the interior but retains the original motor and running gear with no mods to the engine bay etc. Body has the usual lead fill seperations and a small amount of bog at he bottom of the passenger rear quarter although nothing too major.These items will require a little attention in the near future.

I have been greatly impressed with the enthusiasm and sharing of information by the "R"" & "S" enthusiasts and look forward to participating in the future.
Pics to follow.