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Date entered on Register : Wednesday July 5th, 2017 7:36 PM

Name = Allen Reece
Email =
Car club =R&S Valiant Club NSW
Car type = S Series Valiant
Owned Since = 2017
State = NSW.
City = Newcastle
Body number = SV1 - 2 - 1483
Pillar number =
Engine number = SP1-2521
Original paint =AL 7158 Bronze Beige
Current colour = Bronze Beige
Condition = Original - Unrestored
Additional comments = Owned by the late Greame Phillips of Alice Springs. How long it was owned, and who other owners were is unknown ( would welcome any further historic information).
The car formed part of a 50 car plus eclectic collection. 39 cars were auctioned through Pickles Actions in May 2017. I purchased the car through an online auction.