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Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 2:52 PM

name = Alan Hucker
email =
car club = R & S Car Culb WA
car type = S Series Valiant
owned since = 2005
state = W.A
city = YORK
body number = 11-28114795
pillar number = SV1 - 2 - 1736
engine number = Fb18059
original paint = AL 7155 - Light Blue
current colour = Light Blue
condition = Restored - Modified

additional comments = This car has 60520miles on the clock. I pick it up 10/10/2005. It was locked in a garage for 3yrs rarely driven. Manual 3speed. Mags with new tyres for sale.
I'm going back to ororiginal wheels & caps with w/walls.

This is a clone of my first SV1 I bought in Sydney when I was 21 years old - now I'm 59.

I sold my SV1 approximately 1975 ?? in the ACT. I would like to locate it if possible. After changes from the orginal it was modified with a soft cloth s/roof & was painted Ford GT phase3 HO colour 'Electric Blue' with black around the base on the sills & under the bumpers. Also black around the windows of the doors. It had chrome 7 inch wheels. Bucket seats are from an AP6 Regal I don't have any details of numbers etc to help me identify it. If any body knows of its location I will be gratefull

ph (08)96412850 - Alan