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Date entered on Register : Sunday, 12 April 2009 7:30 PM

name = Michael & Sue Wells
email =
car club = R & S Valiant Club Of QLD.
car type = S Series Valiant
owned since = 2007
state = QLD.
city = Toowoomba Qld
 body number = SV1 - 2 - 2446
pillar number = 1128000007
engine number = S225152
original paint = AL 7153 - Gloster Grey
current colour = Gloster Grey
condition = Original un-restored

additional comments = The ID tag is a bit of a strange one but we have doubled checked it and it reads ok. If any body can shed some light on this please get in touch.

Keeping it orginal as long as we can. Enjoying the Valiant very much driving on local club runs around the Darling Downs and Toowoomba.