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Date entered on Register : Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:45 PM

Your Name: Brian O'Reilly
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Car Type: S Series
Year Acquired: 1980
State: S.A
City or Town: Port Augusta
Body Number (engine bay): SV1 - 4 - 24
I.D Number (passenger door pillar): 1128111205
Engine Number: not original *39967*
Original Colour: AL 7133 Gambier Blue
Current Colour: Brown or bronze
Current Condition: Under Restoration

Additional Information: I purchased this car on 1/12/1980 for $200.00. It had previously been modified and had a hot Hemi 265 fitted, with a 3 speed floor shift. The car was very fast in its day, the guy that did the car up sold it.
From there the car got a very hard life and was run into the ground. It also got a defect notice on it. The 265 motor had the engine number and 265 insignia ground off of it, and a 225 number from the wreckers stamped on it. I sold the motor for $200.00 and have bought a 225 motor out of a VC Valiant.
I have replaced the floor and removed other rust in the panels - this has been a very slow process mainly because I have not had the area to carry out the repairs until recently. I get the urge every now and then to work on the car...... I will finish it off one day.