Australian 1962 R&S Series Valiant Register

Date: Monday, February 23, 2004 12:06 AM

Name - Dave Nichols
Email -
Car Club - R&S Valiant Car Club of S.A
Car Type - S Series Valiant
Owned Since - 2001
State - S.A
City - Adelaide
Body Number - SV1 - 4 - 4247
Pillar Number - nm 24 1
Engine Number - TP225203
Original Paint - AL 7132 - Alpine White
Current Colour - Plum Crazy Purple
Condition - Under restoration
Additional Comments - It also has later model power disc brakes and the front and rear seats are from late model jap car.

Details Updated 05/04/2020
Have almost completed the resto ( in the backyard by ME ). All I need are nicer wheels and better door cards .
I’ve ditched the Magna seats that were in it, and replaced them with restored benches off an AP5.
The Slant 6 was changed over to a 5 welsh plug one, out of a VF Pacer .
I had it on a home built rotisserie for several years and it survived three house moves including from SA to Queensland and a broken marriage lol .

I painted it myself, Plum crazy purple is the colour now . I will have it as a daily once I finish my job overseas.