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Date entered on Register : Saturday, May 15th, 2010 10:59 PM

Name: Tim James
Email Address:
Car Club (if any):
Car Type: S Series
Year Acquired: 1985
State: S.A
City or Town: Adelaide
Body Number (engine bay): SV1 - 4 - 4930
I.D Number (passenger door pillar): 1128121851
Engine Number: SP25916
Original Colour: AL 7155 Light Blue
Current Colour: Atlantis Blue Metallic
Current Condition: Restored Modified

Additional Information: This car was originally purchased new by my aunt's father-in-law from Yorke Motors LTD, Adelaide. My father then purchased it from him in 1980 with approximately 50,000miles on the clock.
During that year my father had it painted Atlantis Blue Metallic. I purchased it from my father in 1985.

With the car, I have the original Certified Car Care Plan book and the Instruction Book. I have made some mods to the car but all are reversible, including mag wheels, sports steering wheel, 4 barrel carburetor, extractors and stainless steel exhaust. For drive-ability I fitted VG vented disc brakes plus tinted windows and a hidden CD player. The interior is still in good original condition with exception of the drivers side of the front seat which is showing its age. I still have all the original wheel trims, steering wheel and manifolds.

It now has only 100,0400 miles on the clock and gives me great pleasure driving it.