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Date entered on Register : Sunday, October 22, 2006 11:31 PM

name = Bill and Chris O'Connell
email =
car type = S Series Valiant
owned since = 2006
state = VIC.
city = Seaford
body number = SV1 - 4 - 824
pillar number = 1128113010
original paint = AL 7130 - New Beige
current colour = Hmmmm........
condition = Under restoration

additional comments = Go ahead...laugh!!!! We bought this sight unseen from a scrap metal dealer on ebay!!
I'ts original owner had put the car into retirement in 1976 when it copped an unroadworthy notice. At some point it passed to his grandson who proceeded to strip it and paint it....he only painted the engine bay then not only lost interest, but also lost all the parts he removed in the process!!!
Will post new pic when its finished (don't hold your breath...I have enough to feel guilty about without having your death on my hands!!)