Date: Monday, February 23, 2004 10:45 AM

name = Bruce Bull
email =
car club = A.C.T Street Machine Association.
car type = S Series Valiant
owned since = 1985
state = A.C.T
city = Canberra
body_number = SV1-4-855
pillar_number = Long Gone
original_paint = AL 7132 - Alpine White
condition = Restored - Modified

additional comments = The body is about the only thing that has not been changed.

Engine is a mild 318, Transmission is from a 75 Duster with a 2500rpm stall converter, brakes are all late model (VJ, CL).

Interior is from an AP6 Regal, Wheels are 15 x 7 and 8 Billets.
There is a fairly healthy Pioneer Stereo and last but not least a limited addation set of Mopar Performance gauges.