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The differences between
an "R" and an "S".

When people look at 1962 Valiants, they see cars which look pretty much the same. That's true, to a degree, but there are many little differences between the 2 models - the R Series and the S Series - that many people would not readily notice. Whilst the general shape of the cars is pretty much the same, there are a great many details which differentiate an "R" from an "S".

Here is a compilation of the many differences between the 2 - some easily noticeable, others not so easy.

PLEASE NOTE......this list is very far from complete, and is being added to when our internet bloke has time....bear with him.

The oil cap on an R Series motor is smaller than that on an S.
It also has the word "OIL" stamped on it.
R oil cap sml S oil cap sml
The alternator bracket on an "R" is a true bracket - the "S" has a heavier, solid, cast piece. R Series alternator bracket S Alt. Brkt sml
The buttons on R Series door handles are chrome, S ones are black plastic. R door handle sml S door handle - exterior
The window rubber on and R is solid rubber all the way round, and has a metal trim piece at the top. The S has a this platis strip insert around the rubber. On the inside of the car, the trim on an R is also made of metal, which covers the rubber - the S is exposed rubber.. R Series rear 1/4 window S rear 1/4 window
The ashtray on the rear of the front seat has a raised section on the lid of the R, whereas the S has a plain flat lid. R Ashtray - rear of ront bench S ashtray - rear of front bench
The recess in the lower portion of the dash bezel on an "R" (where the steering column rests) is shaped differently to an "S". R Series steering column. S dash / steering mould