R & S Valiant Club Technical Section - Extractors

This information is primarily for owners of Australian R & S Series Valiants, although it is probably relevant to American models as well.

If you intend putting extractors on your Valiants Slant Six engine, there are some things you should look out for.
Firstly, be aware of the different oil filter systems on the cars. While some R and S Valiants had a screw on throw away element that sits down low on the passenger side of the block, others had a steel cannister with a disposable element inside.

If your car has the latter setup, when ordering extractors, this must be stipulated. This is because a longer, curved front pipe is required to go around the oil filter cannister.

Another problem is that many slant six extractors are made for later model slants. R and S Valiants had a larger starter motor than later models and because of this, the back 2 pipes need to be modified to go around the larger starter otherwise they won't fit on. It's worth considering this problem because it is an enormous hassle when you find one day that your starter motor has to come out, and instead of just unbolting the thing and removing it, you must remove the exhaust and inlet manifolds to get it out. A HUGE pain in the backside as I recently discovered. Well worth thinking about.

The other way around this, which is more difficult, is to put on a later model starter motor. However, this also requires changing the flywheel to match the smaller starter you intend using, hence the gearbox needs to come out. Or......
There are now "mini" starters that are available brand new. these units are much smaller than the originals, and are in fact a good replacement.

Whilst many may think it a little rough, I merely flattened out the portion of piping that was hitting the starter, and got away with that.

One other problem I had, which probably won't ever happen to anyone else, was that when I converted to a pushbuttong automatic, from a 3 speed manual, I found one day that the gears were gone.....when I checked I found that the gear cables to the gearbox, were in fact touching the extractors and had melted through, allowing all the fluid to leak out. KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THE EXHAUST.

So there you have it.......if you have the cannister type oil filter and original starter motor, you must consider these things when obtaining extractors for your car.
One final note.....also make sure that the extractors can accomodate the choke housing for those with original single barrel Carter carby's with the rod linkages.

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