1962 Valiant technical section - headlight switch removal
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Removing the Headlight Switch
from dash fascia.

A lot of people are unsure about how to remove the headlight stalk,
and even the headlight switch. Usually they (or their mechanic)
end up doing great damage to the dash fascia in the process. The
following video explains how you can do it and it is quite a simple
process IF YOU KNOW HOW !

Please look at the pictures below of a removed switch.

Picture 1 shows the switch as it looks out of the car.
Picture 2 shows a pencil pointing to a round button on top of the switch.

Picture 1.

Headlight switch removed from dash

Picture 2.

Release Button which needs to be pressed downward.

Firstly, it's probably a good idea to disconnect your battery.

To remove the switch, you must put your hand up under the dash, and "feel" around on top of the headlight switch till you find the small round button as indicated in picture 2. For those that find it easier, if you can remove your speaker grille, it's very easy to then put your hand through and locate it. If your radio and speaker are still there though, then straight under the dash is probably best - just awkward.

Depress the button with your finger and "jiggle" the headlight knob and stalk until you feel it come away from the switch. You may have to press a couple of times to free it up, but it will come off. Remember there will be wires connected to the switch, so it may disorient you a little when trying to find the button.

The process for removing the Wiper Knob is different in that all you need do is insert a small screwdriver to the underside of the knob, where there is a small recess. Push upward and the knob should come clear. By pushing up you are freeing up a circlip which releases the knob.

Watch the video - https://youtu.be/LjyihMZApCI