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Date entered on Register : February 15, 2019

Name - Peter Morthen
Email -
Car club - R&S Valiant Club NSW
Car type - R Series Valiant
Owned Since - 2019
State - NSW
City - Raby
Body number - RV1 - 2 - 101
Pillar number -
Engine number -
Original paint -AL 7140 Leaf Green
Current colour - Primer
Condition - Under Restoration
Additional comments - Needs a lot of work, but have almost all the parts.
I got it off another Club member after it sat for a great many years in pieces.
Never thought I'd have another old Val. In fact, I was done with cars, as I've been into bikes the last few years, but it's great just having something to work on and start from the ground up. Mind you, I didn't really want what I initially called "a basket case", but I reckon I can fix it.
A very, very long project ahead.

Would love to hear from other "R" owners.