Date: Friday, February 20, 2004 7:54 PM

username = Malcolm Trull
email =
owned since = I1972
state = NT.
city = Alice Springs
body = RV1 - 4 - 251
I.D Plate No. = 1118111096
Engine No. = Not Original Engine VF
original_paint = AL 7153 - Gloster Grey
condition = Under restoration

additional comments = I bought this car in 1972 in Melb. In 1980 I sold it to my brother who kept it until I bought it back in 2001.
Unfortunately there is none of the original mechanicals left and the body was very rusty. Therefore I am building it up as an everyday driver with more modern running but keeping the body pretty stock looking. It has a 160 slant with triple SUs a T5 Commodore g/box, Commodore power rack and pinion, 3.5:1 Pacer LSD. Brakes are CM discs and calipers up front with XF Ford calipers and VJ discs on the rear, Pacer VG torsion bars and sway bar at the front with 5 leaf "R" springs at the rear. A bit of a street rod I know but it should be nice to drive with A/C and a nice stereo etc.

Malcolms car as it was in 1973

The car currently under restoration