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Date entered on Register : Sunday, May 1, 2011 7:27 PM

name = Dean L Shone
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Car Club : R&S Series Valiant car club of SA
Car Type : R Series
Year Acquired : April 2004
State : S.A
City or Town : Adelaide
Body Number (engine bay) : RV1 - 4 - 281
I.D Number (passenger door pillar) : 11181 11161
Engine Number : VL58D 4226
Original Colour : AL 7133 Gambier Blue
Current Colour :
Current Condition : Under Restoration

Additional Information : Sat in my shed for 4yrs,completely stripped then sand blasted and now in process of restoration, has been in panel shop over 2years.the whole body has been completely gone over to have the rust removed, this has been a labor of love, gone to far to turn back now. The slant 6 will be slightly modified,putting disc brakes on the front, the body will be painted a differnt colour. Hopefully will be finished and on the road by Christmas 2011