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Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 12:49 AM

name = Leigh Davidson
email =
car club = R & S series Valiant Car Club of Australia
car type = R Series Valiant
owned since = 2005
state = W.A
city = Perth
body number = RV1 - 2 - 401
pillar number = 1128109580
original paint = AL 7155 - Light Blue
current colour = Unknown Light Blue
condition = Restored - Modified

additional comments = I purchased this "R" off a fellow club member as I can drive what I want, being single again! Vals are a lot less maintenance than women, I was just slow to learn this .... D'ohh!

The mods to this one are tandem brake master cylinder, nolethane bushes front & rear, Flashlube injector & seat belts.
Other changes include CRS lowered front stub axles, rear lowering blocks, 15x6 & 15x7 Superlite wheels, rebuilt engine with cam, twin 1 3/4" SU carbs, extractors, 2 1/2" exhaust and Speco finned alloy valve cover. Also I will soon be returning the car to original style manual trans and fitting Moparmatic radio and hidden CD player, tuner.

A paint and bodywork tidy-up is the plan for the next 12 months but as its my daily driver it could be longer.

This owner also owns RV1 - 2 - 556