Date: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 10:37 PM

name = Andrew Wall
email =
car club = R & S Valliant Car Club Of Victoria
car type = R Series Valiant
owned since = 2000
state = VIC.
city = Melbourne
body_number = RV1 - 2H - 410
pillar_number = TBA
engine_number = TBA
original_paint = AL 7132 - Alpine White
condition = Awaiting future restoration
additional comments = This car was sitting in a garage in Mt Beauty in Victoria for about 20 years before I purchased it.
As with my other R it had no chrome. However the body is in very good condition and only the rusty floor requires replacement.
The car was originally fitted with a Bosch Heater, hence I believe the reason that there is an " H " after the 2. I know of another R in the Victorian club ( an auto )that also has an H in its body number and is fitted with a push button heater.
Car will be restored to original factory condition , Alpine White with a red interior.