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Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 10:05 PM

name = Jon Luff
car type = S Series Valiant
owned since = 1992
state = W.A
city = Perth
body number = SV1 - 4 - 1350
pillar number = 1128114450
engine number = SP2 2370
original paint = AL 7132 - Alpine White
current colour = Ford Ultra White
condition = Restored - Modified

additional comments = My Grandmother was the original owner of my S Series. She won it in a raffle in Adelaide back in 1962, and gave it to me in 1992 not long before she passed away.

I've kept the body all original except for the colour and the addition of an R/T fuel cap. (the original cap just kept leaking).
Mechanically I've only made a few mods. Holley carb on duel barrel intake, extractors, electronic ignition (Pertonix Ignitor), modern Bosche alternator, V8 Val starter motor, 2.92 diff, disc brakes, 15x6 Dragway Draglite mags. There's some more but I won't list them all.