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Date: Monday, March 22, 2004 9:50 AM

Name - Ryan Punch
Email -
Car club - R & S Club of NSW
Car type - S Series Valiant
Owned since - 2000
State - N.S.W
City - Camden
Body number - SV1 - 2 - 2671
Pillar_number - 1128118329
Engine number - 2202857
Original Paint - AL 7153 - Gloster Grey
Condition - Restored - Modified
Additional Comments - It gets closer to original every day... All I need now is a decent original steering wheel, the spare wheel holding down thingy and some Valiant logo seatbelts.

Radio should arrive soon to fit the hole in the dash and the knobs I already have for it. In the future it will have an "OOOGAH" horn and a new-fangled sound system.
I'll keep the (not original) black colour with (equally unoriginal) red interior though.